Can I get this design in a different size/brand?

Yes, I can get any available size, colour or brand of shoe available, I buy to order.  You can send me the shoes, or I can add the price of the shoe to the order and have them delivered directly to me.

Can you do a different design?

Yes, I will paint absolutely anything you would like providing it’s not illegal or promoting violence or hate.  Images will have to be in the public domain or written permission will have to be gained from the original artist.

Can you do a mock-up?

It is impossible to make a mock up on a two dimensional bit of paper that will look anything at all like the three dimensional shoe. Any drawing will be a pale comparison to the finished shoe. If you would like a detailed mock – up, I will ask for a non-refundable deposit to complete this.

Do you do returns?

Since this is an unique personalised item, it is non-refundable and non-returnable. Please make sure you give me the correct sizing – in EU and UK sizes if possible – to cross-check.  Please check measurements with the manufacturer’s size guide or try on a pair in a shop to ensure correct sizing.

Can I cancel?

Cancellation of an order is possible but any costs incurred up to the point of cancellation will not be refunded, for example purchase of shoes or paint required for your order.

Can I send my own shoes/t-shirts/jackets?

Yes, up-cycling clothes and shoes is a fantastic thing to do.  I will only work on new or spotlessly clean and machine washed (for canvas) for hygiene purposes.

How long will they take?

This depends on my workload and how long it takes for the shoes to arrive. See the question at the bottom, about urgent orders. Please allow four weeks from the order date increasing to six weeks from October to the end of December.

How long does it take you to paint one pair of shoes?

Something in the region of a half to two days, depending on the coverage and complexity.

Can you paint on leather/pleather/vegan leather?

Yes,but the leather has to be soft and not coated with shiny or plasticky materials.  I can paint animal friendly leather but it may wear off more quickly so this is done at your own risk.

Help! I need the shoes quickly!

I may be able to fit you in depending on the time of year, but express orders at a busy time will incur an extra charge of £15 plus any additional delivery costs.