6 thoughts on “Custom Dr Martens

  1. Hi. I’m planning of buying some new Jadon Dr Ms for my son and wanted his tattoos painted on them. There are 5, all simply outlines rather than a sleeve or anything big. I have photos of them all. Is this possible. How much would the artwork cost
  2. Hi - my daughter would love custom DMs. She love starry night, so something that incorporates that into the design. Can you let me have a price thanks
  3. Hello, I really want to get some custom doc martens for my wedding this September (not one for heels!) I also want to get matching pairs for my partner's two girls. I have a pair of blur mermaid doc martens, but I would love to get some white/pink mermaid patterned doc martens with some text on. I could probably buy mermaid style ones for the girls. Is this something you can help with?
  4. Hi my fiancée loves DM's Would it be possible to mix her passion of Westham United FC and DMS together for her 30th birthday?

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