Wild Bunny Arts (formerly ShoeDoodles) was established in 2015. I love shoes, and drawing, so this is the perfect job for me. The back story can be read here. Over the years I have amazed myself with how my style has developed and I can paint anything you can imagine onto any surface.  I take a great deal of care in my work and each piece is special to me and hopefully to you, too.

Why the bunny? My son and I invented the name together, to honour the street bunny, who is his friend. For the past year, there’s been an escapee rabbit hopping up and down our street. It belongs to someone, but keeps escaping. This bunny will not be caged! To my amazement, it’s survived the cold and the snow and any predators. It’s a beautiful bunny but it used to hop away at an impressive speed if you approached it. The week we chose the name, my lad managed to get close to her and even pick her up. His joy was unparalleled, and he brought her into our garden for a play.

Here’s what she looks like (excuse the weeds, this is underneath the trampoline and it’s the scruffy end of the garden):

You *may* notice a social activism theme that runs throughout. I unapologetically stand up for a fair and equal society where we can all live peacefully and respectfully together regardless of gender, religion, sexuality, skin colour or how much money we have.  I have a vision of a world that my son can be free to choose what he wants to do with his life and who he wants to love and not be held back by skin colour or social status or any other obstacle.  I want him to not live in fear of nuclear war or poverty.

I home educate and my son is so proud of Wild Bunny Arts. He is my companion, inspiration, and quality control manager as well as personal trainer and giver of much love and laughter. He also offers his services as FunDoodles, so if anyone wants a pair drawn by my apprentice, or a custom doodle by a younger doodler, message me.  We live peacefully and respectfully with our menagerie of rescued animals.