Prices start at £65 plus cost of shoe

£18 per hour for creation  including artwork, touching up etc.

Screen Print:

This is an extremely high quality print, hand printed using the very best waterbased (eco) inks.  The colours are vivid and become part of the shirt.  The design will last as long as your t-shirt does.

Screen set up:  £20 per colour*
Printing: £10 per garment
so, £30 for one garment, £40 for two with the same design, £50 for 3 and so on**

*single colour designs are available. Further colour can be added by hand, and will be quoted for on an item by item basis.

**WildBunnyArts can only offer low runs. For larger runs ask them to refer you 🙂

Sublimation print:

This is suitable for designs that are more than one or two colours. The ink is transferred to the t-shirt using heat.  This method is only suitable for white t-shirts.  The design does not crack or peel and will last as long as the t-shirt does.

A4 design: £17
A3 design: £20

Vinyl prints and embroidery available on request.

Vinyl is more of a novelty item but is suitable for loose weave shirts and sport shirts.