Caring for your WildBunnyArts products is really easy.  Just wear them and enjoy yourself!

Canvas shoes:

The art lasts longer than the shoes . I have put my trainers in a washing machine but really, all you need is a gentle wipe every now and again.  If you want something that will keep your shoes fresh and dirt/waterproofed, this stuff is the bomb:

They also sell great clean and care kits.

Leather shoes:

Don’t wear them for the first week, to let the paint fully cure.  Then, clean gently with a soft cloth and cool or cold water (never use hot) and protect them like you would any other leather shoe.  Don’t scrub or scratch the paint and it will last for many many years.  Sneaker science again do a host of awesome shoe care products.

Denim jackets:

Hand wash cool, at a temperature of less than 30c.   Don’t wash at all for at least the first two weeks.  If you do however accidentally wash at more than 30 and the design gets damaged, we offer a “first fudge-up free” policy where I will touch up the paint for you.  You pay postage.  Because, I’ve done that too, and we are all only human, after all.

Screen printed apparel:

The designs will last as long as the item does.  Wash in your usual 40 degree wash,

If I have printed white on black, I use waterbased discharge ink.  This will change over time.  First it changes into a crumbly retro looking design.  Eventually it may all fall off to reveal a bleached design underneath.

Designs printed by prinitify:

Follow the instructions on the label.